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Outdoor Play: Springtime

Springtime in Seattle is as unpredictable as springtime in the UK.  Today we have glorious sunshine, yesterday we played in the ice and frost and a week ago we were playing in the rain. Whatever the weather the girls are drawn … Continue reading

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Outdoor Play – Icy Discoveries on a Cold and Frosty Morning

I used to love frosty days when I was a kid because we could pretend to ice skate to school or breathe like a dragon.  The same sense of wonder came over my girls when they looked out on a … Continue reading

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#Get Outdoors: Children Connecting with Nature

Autumn is a time for woodland walks, collecting interesting things along the way and looking out for animal homes and habitats.  As a child we had nature tables at school and we were encouraged to bring in conkers, sticky buds, acorns and … Continue reading

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Outdoor Play: Making Potions

My eldest daughter has been an avid potion maker all her life.  We are always finding concoctions in her bathroom and when she was young she would leave them on the windowsill of her bedroom or on the side of … Continue reading

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Preserving British Culture #2 Traditional Games

Last week I featured as a guest writer on Netmums Blog with a post entitled Playground Games from our Childhood. In this I talk about sharing my childhood games with my girls, games that are in danger of being lost … Continue reading

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All I Ever Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Those of us working with young children are familiar with the term Foundations of Learning.  What does that really mean? For me it means everything that gives us the capacity to learn, think, create, behave, communicate and build relationships. The … Continue reading

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Monsters and Imaginary Friends

My 2 year old has recently become pre-occupied with monsters, sometimes she is a monster, sometimes there is a monster in the room but she mentions them at least once a day.  I was fairly sure that this was a … Continue reading

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Children’s Parties – No More Party Bags Please

  Party season has arrived again in our household.  My eldest has just had her 7th birthday and most of her class are spring and summer born babies so we now have an endless run.   In her book bag today … Continue reading

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Who touched your life when you were a child? – Michael Morpurgo’s Richard Dimbleby Lecture

I have finally managed to watch Michael Morpurgo’s Richard Dimbleby Lecture.  How refreshing to hear someone from outside of the world of Education recognising how undervalued the Early Years profession is.  The lack of financial reward and status means that … Continue reading

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Brain Food – Junk Food may lower IQ.

As parents we are keen to get our children the latest educational toy, send them to the best nurseries and pre-schools and give them the best preparation for school that they can.    A research study conducted by the University of … Continue reading

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