iTooch Elementary School App – A Review

iToochiTooch Elementary School is an educational app for the iPad and iPhone designed for children in 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade. iTooch is developed by a team of teachers, experts, parents and video game designers to help reinforce concepts and material learned at school.

Most effective learning takes place in short focused sessions, the app is designed to do just that, by encouraging your child to learn whilst having fun.

iTooch libraryThe app offers 3 curriculum areas, Maths, Language Arts, and Science. Choose the School Grade that your child is in and the subject area you would like them to develop and download the titles from the iTooch library. Within each subject are a number of subheadings so that children can focus on particular skills.

The app can be played in practice mode or test mode. In test mode the child has to answer the given question within a given time frame. After the short test they are given a score and can proceed to the next level. The first 2 modules in each subject are free so you can determine if you like the app before purchasing the full version for each subject (currently $2.99).

screenshot iTooch result

a sample question iToochI worked through the 3rd Grade modules. The exercises were very similar to those that my daughter is set for homework and they would be a really good way of reinforcing basic concepts. I found some of the answers challenging so there is plenty within the exercises to stretch your child’s abilities. Sometimes you need to go back to the lesson to get a greater understanding of what the question is asking.  This will give an outline of the basic rules or offer hints.

The little animation in the corner of the screen will go to bed, read a book or go fishing if you leave the app idle for too long. My daughter loved this.




Best points

  • It follows a simple easy to follow format.
  • The questions are challenging
  • The material reinforces learning at school
  • Tests are designed to be quick and fun.
  • The little animation is very cute and entertaining.
  • The app is simple and fast to load.
  • $2.99 is a very reasonable price for the amount of content you get from each subject area.

Suggestions for improvement

  • It is difficult to work out how to navigate your way between the subjects – a back to library button would be useful.
  • The exercises relate to the US elementary school system. Many of these would be useful skills for children in the UK but some parents may be confused as to whether these skills relate to the National Curriculum. This could narrow the market of the app.
  • We had a problem with one of the questions where we were asked to select an answer as nothing seemed to happen when we did. We skipped the question.

iTooch is available to download from the app store.

This is a paid review.

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One Response to iTooch Elementary School App – A Review

  1. Erica says:

    The character is cute on the app. However, if you leave it idle for too long the character turns into a little brown creature that resembles a scary dirt covered monster. This disturbed my 8 year old twins so badly that they cried & refuse to use the app. I really hate that this particular feature is on the app. It has great educational content in a fun & effective format. However, because of that disturbing looking character we have had to delete it & no longer use it. Hopefully other children using the app are not affected in such a negative way as mine were.

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