Wreck-It Ralph – A Review

WIR_Fullscreen_RalphOne of the great things about living in America is that I now get to see lots of Movies before my friends in the UK. Last weekend for Thanksgiving I took my 3 girls to see the latest Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph.

The film is centred around Ralph, an unhappy villain from an 80’s video game. Ralph is lonely as nobody in his game will be his friend because he breaks everything. Big-hearted Ralph decides to abandon his game in search of a medal to prove that he too can be a hero. Ralph visits other video games on his quest, meeting an array of colourful characters and threatening the equilibrium of the video game worlds.

A number of classic video game characters feature in the film and as always there is a  mixture of adult and slapstick humour to suit all ages. Some of the candy referenced jokes that the American parents laughed at were lost on me but there were some great moments.

The animation is stunning especially in the ‘Sugar Rush’ scenes and the characters are both comical and endearing.  We saw the film in 2D but I’d love to see it in 3D as I think this would bring a whole new dimension.

For me though, the highlight was the short animation that is played before the main feature. The simplicity of the black and white animation contrasts beautifully with the vibrant animation in the main movie and the gentle storyline is simply beautiful.

Wreck-It Ralph is not my personal favourite of the Pixar movies but my 3 children were captivated from start to finish, including my youngest who is just 2. Well worth a family outing.

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